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VEON Summit is a platform for international communication and exchange of experience, solving current and strategic tasks for leadership teams from 17 countries. We were approached by Jack Morton Worldwide, brand agency, with a request to become an organizational partner of the international summit for VEON in Russia.


We needed to organize a world-class business event in a short time, including complex technical support, design and decor. Provocation for us was the development and production of 17 stands for the mini-exhibition. According to the view of the creators, it seemed to become the main interactive platform for the exchange of experience and the central unifying position of the VEON Summit. We had to find a solution in 4 days only, entering in the following restrictions: eco-friendly, mobile, easy to assemble and disassemble stands.


We looked for an easy-to-use, eco-friendly solution that would fit into the general design concept of the event and become functional.  

The solution was found on the floor of someone’s living room – Eureka! Cork!

 Seventeen two-meter mobile stands were entirely made of recyclable materials. The stands were disassembled and assembled like Lego and looked stylish and minimalistic.


Since the first day of the conference delegates from 17 countries have decorated their stands and shared the results with colleagues on social networks.
The exhibition entered interactive elements to the conference, and became a central unifying platform for the exchange of experience, communication and collaborations. The participants clearly demonstrated the singularities of doing business in a particular country. According to the client’s feedback, the event was excellent. The well-coordinated work of the administrative staff, specialists from technical control areas, and decorators let us create a unique and inspiring atmosphere and solve client’s purposes. We are glad to have a new valuable experience of cooperation with the European agency, it was interesting, informative and positively inspiring!

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.




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