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2021 Online Russian Summit

2021 Online Russian Summit

The International FMCG company, the market leader in offtake of healthcare products, personal, professional and industrial hygiene, asked us to transfer the annual large-scale event into an online format.


The main stress of our client was to transfer the rich program of the summit into an online format, to save the emotional degree and to show for each participant his/her importance for the company. We undertook to prove that an online summit can successfully fulfill the tasks set and emotionally unite team members from different time zones.


Together to New Heights, the slogan determined the project vector for the audience and the working team both. In cooperation with the client we took new frontiers, developed approaches, immersed ourselves in brands, and became their ambassadors. The speakers inspired us with their relationship towards employees, repeating constantly that the main one is people. We made each scenario decision together, imaging the participants reaction . We were warmed up and prepared to take this mood to the audience.
Most of the conference was the speaker’s presentation. We revised the usual approach to preparing reports: in cooperation with the speakers we significantly reduced the duration of speeches, and replaced overloading with graphs and figures slides with concise video presentations. Therefore, by making visual and dynamic, easy to understand speakers’ presentations, we cared for the audience. The spectacular appearance of the director, video installations, the use of several cameras and a crane, constant dynamics in the frame, interactivity with the audience, a headliner – such a complex approach ensured the quality of the online broadcast and let us create an event that looked in the same breath.



Новый формат стал и для нас, и для клиента новой высотой, которую мы взяли вместе. Море эмоций, колоссальный опыт и настоящее удовольствие от взаимодействия команды проекта с командой клиента. Атмосфера поддержки и взаимопонимания сделали проект крутым не только по качеству, но и по энергетике. Количество участников – 540 Средняя вовлеченность – 98% Сообщений в чате – 2500

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.


International FMCG company


Khimki, Video land studio