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Leroy Merlin ZIL opening

Leroy Merlin ZIL opening

Leroy Merlin ZIL is a flagship, innovative store of a new format, which has no analogues in the world. This is not just a hardware store: you can look at the kitchen of your dreams in VR glasses, test attractive laminate with a robotic leg, or collect a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. And this is just the beginning!


Hypermarket of the future in focus presents creativity and inspiration, project proposals, ready-made solutions and modern experience. The key message of Leroy Merlin is – Energize People with Ideas. We were faced with the task of finding a solution that would emphasize the concept and lets us demonstrate all the advantages of the new store.


We developed an audio promenade, an immersive performance in headphones, so visitors could dive in the special atmosphere of the new store. The store employees became the main characters and guides demonstrating the advantages of their departments.
The guest’s path was built in a way that went through the main innovative sites and new thematic zones within the usual departments. The most ‘delicious’ was in the end: Idea Factory, the creative zone became an open workshop, where everyone can realize any creative idea.


The audio promenade made it possible to demonstrate to the guests all the advantages of the store in a playful way, to charge with ideas and to involve all the participants of the event as much as possible. 2,000 posts on the internet and media mentions of the new store opening. On opening day, more than 5,000 visitors took part in an “inspiring journey”, which was shared on social networks with pleasure and which, we are sure, everyone will definitely want to repeat

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.


Leroy Merlin


Moscow, ZIL