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Leroy Merlin, Motivational program

Leroy Merlin, Motivational program


The main challenge of the event is to encourage the best stores that apply the values of Leroy Merlin in their activities. Employees should be constantly improving, tend to be triple threats, show deep knowledge of goods, services and standards of service of their department and the store as a whole.


We have developed a creative concept and mechanics for providing contest stages in Leroy Merlin stores, as well as more complex tasks for the Russian final. The mechanics included professional testing and practical tasks to solve at speed, questions from experts on the values and principles of service, creative tasks and I am the Best Seller, the presentation. A quest scenario was developed as the main task of the final stage. A rating table was created for the correct scoring at all stages.


The Russian contest aroused huge interest on the part of the employees, all stages were carried out excitedly, enthusiastically and cheerfully. The final stage allowed Leroy Merlin to identify the best sellers throughout Russia, and the winner was awarded a trip to the flagship store of Leroy Merlin in Spain.

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.


Leroy Merlin