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Integration of CARDIF into festival

Integration of CARDIF into festival

CARDIF, an insurance company, asked us for help in organizing the company’s first event for the positioning and promotion of insurance products for the B2C sector with the key message: CARDIF is transparent and understandable insurance.


The main challenge for us was to find a way to convey the concept of simple insurance to suspicious Russians, to acquaint them with insurance products of the company in an accessible form.

A big percent of people in Russia have a low level of financial knowledge and find insurance to be difficult.

We were looking for simple and understandable concept that would be able to convey the message of the client and fit perfectly into Day of France, and take into account the specifics of the site: we had an object of a bus stop at the Flacon Design Factory. And the most important thing, it could be implemented in an extremely limited budget.


How do we say simply about the complex? We decided to refuse of words and chose pantomime as the main way of communication – the language of plasticity and emotions, understandable even to a child. This is the way, how the concept of When Everything Is Clear Without Words was born.
The atmosphere of lightness and openness of Parisian street theaters inspired us to create Theatre Le Arrete – our theatre at the Bus Stop. On the day of the holiday, the bus stop was transformed into a street theatre stage, where miniature plays about insurance products were played throughout the day. The actors, using the language of plasticity and emotions, told visitors stories about care and safety, attracting the audience to participate in skits.
We integrated difficult insurance terms into activities so that visitors can improve their financial competence in an easy and fun way. For example, play Crocodile , a game with words from the CARDIF insurance dictionary or send a postcard to relatives with a wish reflecting one of the company’s insurance fields.


There has been a full house at the Bus Stop throughout the day. In total, more than ten thousand people became spectators at improvised Theatre L’arret.
BNP Paribas Cardif project took second place at the Best Event Awards World 2019 in the Low budget event nomination.

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.


BNP Paribas CARDIF Russia


Moscow, Flacon Design Factory