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Online Company New Year

Online Company New Year

InDriver is one of the three largest ridesharing companies in the world with headquarters in Moscow and Yakutsk. We had to organize an online company New Year event in the Late Night Show format, which combined employees from Russia, America, Europe, Asia and Africa and represented the spirit of the company – dynamic, modern, driving.


The main difficulty of the online format is the deep field for the audience’s attention with a variety of Internet resources. How did we make the content to be so interesting, diverse, personalized to capture and hold for three hours the attention of viewers from five continents?


One of the principles of ethereal dynamics is the change of locations. From knowledge of inDriver ready to go for thoughtful experiments, we offered the client to go beyond broadcasting from one city, so we created two filming locations in Moscow and in Yakutia with scenery repeating the shooting pavilion of one popular program.
In order for the attention of one and a half thousand viewers to be enchained to the broadcast during the entire event, we processed fifty photos and videos that employees sent us during the preliminary engagement, and then created mega-rich content:
Konstantin Anisimov, the author and co–host of the Evening Urgant show, as well as the “live” accompaniment of the cover band, were responsible for the authenticity of the atmosphere on the set.


Throughout the event, the chat was overloading with messages and enthusiastic feedback from participants. Three hours of mega-rich content, a conversation between two studios in different time zones, dynamics and drive dispersed the broadcast in a matter of minutes and provided a New Year’s mood at high speeds.

Every project is unique, please, tell us about your one, we can help to create an event responsible your wishes.




Moscow (broadcast studio), Yakutsk (office)