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Team building in tough times

A team is not only the same record in the employment record book, but also unity on the way to a common goal, inspiration and support. In tough times team building helps to energize the team, give it a touch of elbows and a sense of safety. And at the same time it can increase the figures, simultaneously designing combat robots, watering a virtual pumpkin or hunting for ingredients for pilaff. No, we do not use metaphors, it is just the beginning of the list of the most popular team building this year.

The global purpose of any team building is to create an environment, where people want to work and can do it, and were they do not look at the clock wistfully waiting for the end of the working day. The specific aims of each event depend on the characteristics of the company and the employees, but in addition, they are also significantly influenced by the external environment. During periods of active growth (of the company and the whole market both), the development of soft-skills, the study of new business technologies, and the optimization of interaction in the team come into the picture. When the political or economic situation has an alarming background, it starts to assume greater importance to pull together and support the team.

The team consists of people, and in tough times these people can be scared, anxious and unsure of the future. Therefore, for example, team building is faced with the following tasks this year:
For 16 years we have given up to organizing events, our agency has observed the whole cycles in the development of team building. The first simple rope and pirate team building gradually evolved in different directions at once: intellectual competitions, huge shows, culinary challenges, and business games. Companies with a history have already tried a lot of types of events. They were looking for new formats and variants for developing specific competencies. But in addition to the general development of the corporate events industry, there is an important factor in each season that sets the general tendency. During the pandemic, for obvious reasons, the popularity of online events dramatically enhanced, after the pandemic — quite the opposite: a need for live communication and tactile contact became very important. This year, as has already happened in our practice in 2006 and 2013, unifying and resource events came to the fore, where the main thing is a touch of elbows and positive emotions. Competitiveness and personal effectiveness indicators have paled into insignificance yet.

Team building is a great way to tell every employee: you are not alone; you have someone to lean on

To do this, it is not necessary to offer everyone to hold hands or work with a company’s psychologist or run in bags — we know more attractive ways. Here we will tell you about the most interesting team buildings.


Symbiosis of creativity and action
It is critical to force any of the employees to participate in team building. Therefore, events that let people compete inactively, but support the team in a different way are especially popular: participators can be fun for their team, vote or shout out hints.

Massive hit of a previous season with no analogues is ROBOTS, offline game. The participators form the teams, which design 3D robots. A huge plus of the team building is numerous variants of participating: the teams develop prototypes of models, think about their design and manage control system.

Похожий тимбилдинг:
When the aircraft constructors and designers are ready, their planes, rockets and flying carrots participate in the air show, and they also try to break the flight duration record.


and a new wave of online projects

The experience gained during self-isolation helped to form a line of digital team building for different purposes. We even work in hybrid formats, which combine online convenience and live communication. For example, we create DIGITAL FARM, thematic quest. DIGITAL FARM is a new training, which immediately became a hit. It is a competition of several teams that jointly develop their own farm in a tablet. The winner is the one who correctly allocates resources and develops the right strategy. The game form lets you involve unobtrusively the maximum number of employees, improve your information skills, work out strategic and tactical planning. It is especially convenient that this type of game can be held in any location.

Resembling team buildings:


and the feeling of unity
If your employee spends on anxiety and unhappy thoughts less and less, he will work more and more. Deep work with the team lets you increase the physically efficiency. The best unifying team building of this season is LINK UP, offline competition. It is a rope course of a new format that helps to restore and strengthen communication in the team. The time-tested tasks were supplemented with digital chips. Creative scenarios and feedback from professional instructors were added.
Resembling team building:


Bread and circuses
Another important trigger in team building tools for tough times is on the one hand to unite people, on the other hand to gather them for a meal. A set table and getting meal together on a subconscious level calm down and give a sense of security. The culinary hit of the season, the corporate offline adventure THE PLOVE, combined several competitions at once. Participants are divided into teams of 10 people and receive a tablet guide. It receives eyeliners, hints and tasks. First, the participants go through a quest, where they extract the ingredients for the future pilaff. Then they cook it under the guidance of a scalding chef, and the ingredients, e.g. hence the recipes, are different for every team. Tasting is not only a lunch for all participants of the event, but also a vote for the best recipe.
Resembling team buildings:


Atmosphere and emotions

Another relevant direction now is prop team building, which lets you escape from the difficult reality at least for a while. These are events with an addictive atmosphere and a multi-layered scenario. For example, AROUND THE WORLD IN 3 HOURS, adventure quest consists of 9 game zones simulating a high-speed circumnavigation, unique props and fan characters.

Resembling team buildings:

Do you want to pull together your team? On the one hand we can organize interesting and effective events, on the other hand we know how to engage, experience and motivate employees.

Thanks for participating in the publication creation of Ivan Osipov from Vityaz Group.

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