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Creative formats of clean-up events

Environmental events that will help support and switch-up employees

Get inspired with positive emotions and inspire your colleagues!
Spring is a time of renewal and nature trips. Fresh air, communication with colleagues and joint work will help to support and switch employees. The most accustomed format is a clean-up event. You do not have to go so far! You can create the oasis for summer holidays; tidy the garbage up or also arrange a city vegetable or fruit garden in the courtyard of the office (on the roof or the balcony).

For those who are looking for more creative solutions, a clean-up day can be held in the format of Upcycling Picnic. Upcycling is a creative recycling, whose purpose is to create unusual items with a big enchilada from old expired things. With the help of professional designers, artists, architects and landscape designers, your employees will be able to turn the broken into the beautiful. Everything that your employees can collect in the office or bring from their home is suitable for creativity: old toys, jeans, plastic or aluminum dishes, broken chairs, musical instruments, chandeliers and even doors.

Professionals will help you to create real designer elements from the garbage, starting from planters and ending with unique furniture and large-scale art objects, which help transform any space, among them office yard or a park, which this garbage was collected in.

The main thing is to decide on the idea of the future project. What will it be? A musical vegetable and fruit garden, a secret garden, a playground, or a place for meditation is the only limitation of your imagination. Despite the budget of the event, you will have to spend money on tools, consumables, seedlings, working clothes, professionals (see the full list an the foot of the article), but the investment will pay off.

In addition to the team building component, such an event let employees gain applied knowledge on decorating, gardening, recycling and responsible consumption, unleash creativity, work in a team, create really amazing items with their own hands.

Invite professional gardeners, street art artists, upcycling specialists, environmentalists to the event and turn an ordinary clean-up day into a creative event, where, among ordinary experience, employees will get a unique experience and hundreds of new ideas.

With the mission of transforming the space, you can go to the nearest nursing home or orphanage. Psychologists say that nothing puts in a better mood like a good deed.

For saving money and resources you can connect to the current city environmental programs and initiatives. One of the mentioned initiatives is Culture Plogging. The program is ideal for the companies, which employees prefer sport then creation. Culture Plogging is a mass race, which has routes passed through the picturesque territories of estates, parks and nature reserves, and combined with garbage collection.

Upcoming races:

For getting acquainted with the schedule of all events and choose a suitable place to participate, follow the link.

Registration for the race opens 2-3 weeks in advance. The average distance of each race is 6.5 kilometers, this distance is covered by runners in an average of one and a half till two hours. But routes can be longer. For example, the length of the route in the Yauza Park is 20 kilometers. This race is suitable for the most prepared athletes.

It is better to arrive at the gathering place in advance in order to have time to leave your goods and chattels in the locker room and warm up. Before the race start, the participants of each group are instructed, receive bags and gloves, and accompanied by experienced athletes, who can be contacted in case of indisposition or the need to leave the race, go along the route. Plogging marathons will be held until October.

Organizer’s checklist:
Do a good deed and get a new experience together with your colleagues!