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Future has come: we can determine it due to actual tendencies and decorative elements. Evens take places in the virtue reality, artificial intelligence creates music to them, and each participator has been impressed with experience by someone. In the year we are looking for space sceneries, optical illusions and rich

Environmental events that will help support and switch-up employees Get inspired with positive emotions and inspire your colleagues! Spring is a time of renewal and nature trips. Fresh air, communication with colleagues and joint work will help to support and switch employees. The most accustomed format is a clean-up event. You do

A team is not only the same record in the employment record book, but also unity on the way to a common goal, inspiration and support. In tough times team building helps to energize the team, give it a touch of elbows and a sense of safety. And at the

The year of 2020 turned out each sphere of our life: now everything is online. Corporate events have been in the same format, especially in major companies. Presentations, meetings, team buildings have been held in Zoom, YouTube and others sites. This type of format has got pluses – nobody will

Новогодний онлайн-корпоратив может быть интересным! Мы готовы поспорить с каждым, кто скажет, что все онлайн-мероприятия скучны, гости не придут или уйдут через 10 минут после речи генерального директора. Мы проверили на себе и делимся примерами самых увлекательных и интересных форматов с наибольшим процентом вовлеченности и эмоциональной отдачи зрителей, которые точно